show. don’t tell.

Stories have been an influential part of the human history. Before developed language and writing, traditions, culture, and history were all passed down orally throughout the generations. With this oral tradition often came pictures or drawings to help tell stories and preserve them. We can still see many of these cave drawings all over the United States.

It is stories that help us feel a greater connection between one another. In fact, when we are brought into a good story, as we connect with the characters, oxytocin is released in our brains. This is also know as the “love” hormone. We are physiologically inclined to stories.

And, stories are best expressed by showing what happens, inviting audiences into the moment, and building a relationship between the subject and the viewer.

This documentary is meant to do more than just tell a story. Its purpose is to connect us together as Americans, as humans, to help each other reach our greatest potential.

The purpose of this documentary is to spread the word, not just that illiteracy and sub-literacy in America are having a detrimental affect on our society and economy, but that there are proven and effective solutions already available.

With a growing voice and an ever increasing need for resources (many kids are on a long waiting list for these types of services because the support to handle this large number of people is not there) we can stand up together and make what seems impossible – possible!